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Randall S. Bennington 

High-level marketing and operations executive with strong technical and financial acumen.  Serial Entrepreneur with strong knowledge of brand building and communications working with top global companies for 8-years in New York Media. Experience developing multi-channel marketing programs for leading fashion, luxury and retail clients. Develops detailed financial models and relationships with business partners to create ongoing growth and efficiencies for a company, to achieve outstanding, profitable results.  Sophisticated understanding of technical and operational nuances and trends based on hands-on experience. 

Marketing    Advertising 
If nobody notices your ad, everything else is academic.
—Bill Bernbach. 
It is not easy to talk about guns in America. Someone is always offended, but on occasion humor can deliver a message that everyone can agree on. And 5 Millions views on a budget of zero, says we got the message across. 
This ad goes full tilt, combining influencers, story telling, social media APIs, and great cinematography to bring together the most entertaining car commercial ever. Built by Team Detroit, executed by BlackBook. 

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Good Advertising is sought out, shared and replayed. 
This Lexus program, I helped produce at BlackBook was shared +3,000X and viewed more than 100,000. 
Lex-Reed Extreme 
Dreams Come True
Bridge the Red-Blue Divide
Apple iPod Touch
With the best products, all you really need is to show what it can do. But that doesn't mean you need to run an infomercial at 3am. Apple's iPod Touch Homepage takeover, was designed by Apple, and executed by Conde Nast's in house Creative Services. 
Business Strategy 
"The budget is God."  
Slogan at Japanese optical company Topcom 
In addition to traditional P&L, Cash Flow, and Balance sheets it is critical to model product to market. 

 - At what scale do you turn cash flow positive? 

 - Does seasonality impearl your burn rate? 

 - If you do capture 1% of the market, what is that valuation?

 - What ROI on cash do you need to facilitate the next round of investment? 

Translating concept into the executional reality, and putting numbers to plan let businesses write the own Book of Destiny. 

See An Example of a Strategic Plan that Gets Results

 - Cash Flow, P&L, Balance Sheet Projections 

 - Pre and Post Cash Valuation Tables

 - Capital Requirement and Milestone KPI definition

 - Burn Rate Analysis

 - Created 3 year business plan to implement diverse revenue streams through advertising, affiliate marketing, and ecommerce for High50 and BlackBook

 - Estimated market size ($7B) of Ad Fraud and beneficiaries

- Models helped raise over $12.5MM in outside capital from Angle, Private Equity, and Venture Capital sources


Key Skills 
Financial Modeling
We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works. 
– Douglas Adams  
Art is the emotion behind the Product. By starting with first prinicpals, and making basic choices first every other decision falls into place. It creates a beauty that stands on its own, apart from the design. 

Topography, Color Theory, Art History, Design Theory
Design is implementation of the Art. Its the the UX/UI, the flow, the look. But in the world with hundreds of devices, design must be flexible, responsive, and as always functional to the task and content. 

Adobe Creative Suite, Bootstrap, OOCSS, SMACSS, FinalCutPro
In its simplest form, all content, tasks, and programs are data elements. Constructing, compiling, and analyzing those building block elements is the Rosette Stone of all digital properties today.  

SQL, noSQL, SAS, R, Omniture, GA, Regression, Hadoop/MapReduce
Pulling all of these things together and making them run like a metronome is the code. It is modern steel - creating the tracks, the couplings, and the cars in the Product Train. And when done well you never even know its there. 

HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript, APIs, DFP, Linux 
If you are interested in what I can do, please get in touch.  
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